General FAQ 

When and where will the Olympic Games take place in 2020?

The Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo - Japan, from 24 July to 9 August 2020. More than 11,000 athletes will gather in one of the world’s most exciting cities for 17 days of competition. The New Zealand Team will be made up of around 200 athletes competing in approximately 20 sports.

This will be the second time Tokyo has hosted the Olympic Games, the first was in 1964 where Sir Peter Snell won gold medals on the athletics track.

Most sports will take place in three zones within Tokyo with Sailing taking place outside the metropolis at Enoshima and Cycling being contested at Izu.

For more detail on the New Zealand Team at Tokyo 2020 please see

For more detail on the Tokyo Olympic Games and their location see the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee Website 

What is the competition schedule for the Olympic Games?

As the New Zealand Team has not yet been selected, we do not have the details of when and where our athletes will be competing. You can, however, view the full competition schedule at –

Further information on venues can be viewed at –

All competition schedules are subject to change without notice by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, including session times, dates and event inclusions.

Who can purchase tickets from New Zealand Olympic Travel?

New Zealand Olympic Travel is ONLY authorised to sell tickets to New Zealand residents. If you are a resident of another country, please refer to to find the Authorised Ticket Reseller for your country.

Travel agents or 3rd parties cannot create an account with NZ Olympic Travel on behalf of their client. If tickets or packages are booked through a 3rd party have been secured this way the account will be cancelled without a refund.

How do I register with New Zealand Olympic Travel?

Register now to receive information to create your New Zealand Team Supporters Account, which will enable you to access all information on sales to New Zealand residents. One person should register on behalf of up to four travellers.

If there are more than 4 supporters in your family or group, you will need to create two or more accounts under different key contacts and email addresses, and ensure all names are unique on the accounts. Then, you can email your details to to request the accounts to be link.

Should you be successful in purchasing tickets for the same sessions across your entire group, NZOT will endeavour to seat your group together. Please note, we cannot guarantee that groups, even as small as 2, will be seated together.

Any suspected duplicate registrations will be monitored and removed.

How can New Zealand residents purchase tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games? 

A limited number of packages will be released to New Zealand Team Supporter Account Holders from 20 June.  If you haven’t created an account, please register now.

Additional ticket-only sales will take place later in 2019, with details communicated to New Zealand Team Supporter Account Holders.

Please register now to create a New Zealand Team Supporter account and receive all information for New Zealand residents.

If you are a friend or family member directly supporting a New Zealand athlete in Tokyo, please let us know so we can provide you with the relevant information.

All dates are subject to change, pending approval from the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee.

I am a family member of an Athlete, what should I do? 

As a New Zealand Team Friend or Family member, we know how much it means to be there when it matters. If you have an athlete expecting to compete at Tokyo 2020, please register with us, providing the athlete details and we’ll work with you to help create the best travel experience.

There will also be an official Tokyo 2020 Athlete Friends and Family ticket programme which will guarantee access to purchase one or two tickets per athlete per session they compete in at the Olympic Games. The details of this programme are yet to be announced and we will let registered friends and family members know as soon as possible. It is expected this will be in late 2019.

Accessible Tickets

It is important to advise us at the time of your ticket request or any purchases with NZOT if you require accessible tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

There will be a limited number of accessible tickets available and they will not be available for all price categories. NZ Olympic Travel will endeavour to meet all requests but cannot guarantee availability. We will communicate accessible ticket information to clients who advise us of their requirements.

Train and bus operators are now upgrading their facilities with the aim of making Tokyo a city with one of the most accessible public transport networks in the world by 2020. Already more than 90% of stations are step-free. 91% of buses also have step-free access.

Please see if you have any more queries about accessibility at the Olympics and in Tokyo.


What are the passport and visa requirements to travel to Tokyo – Japan?

All travellers to Japan will require a valid passport. New Zealand passport holders do not require a visa to enter Japan for up to 90 days. Applicants must hold a valid long-term New Zealand visa (e.g. resident, work, student etc.) For more information about which other countries have visa exemption arrangements with Japan, please visit the website -

You may require a visa if you have criminal convictions, please contact the Japanese Embassy to find out any travel restrictions or additional visa requirements.

If you are travelling on a passport from another country, please check the visa requirements with your nationality’s embassy website.   If you intend on travelling to any other countries during your journey, you may require a visa and requirements should be checked with the embassy websites.

How long is the flight time to Tokyo, and can NZOT book my flights?

Auckland to Tokyo duration is 11 hours.  NZOT has exclusive early access to convenient direct flights to Tokyo through Air New Zealand for our package purchasers.

NZOT are part of a fully accredited IATA approved travel agency, House of Travel, and can work with you on any additional travel requirements for you and your group.

Do I need travel insurance to travel to Japan?

Travel insurance is not included in NZOT packages or ticket purchases, but we strongly recommended to arrange comprehensive insurance at the time of any purchase.

NZOT can provide a quote for insurance for you and your group through House of Travel’s preferred travel insurance provider Allianz International.

What type of accommodation will be on offer through NZOT?

NZOT have been working on securing an excellent range of 2,3 & 4-star hotel options in Tokyo for New Zealand supporters. All hotels are in an excellent location, with close proximity to public transport and venues. All Hotels will be located within 30 mins of the ANZ New Zealand House.

Further information on the New Zealand supporter hotels can be viewed here.

How can I get from my hotel to the competition venues?

All New Zealand Olympic Team packages will include a Sucia Transport card, which is the suggested mode of transport for the Olympic Games. The Suica is a prepaid e-money card for not only transport in Tokyo, but also shopping and taxis.

Public transport is not included with Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games tickets.

Taxis and Uber are also available in Tokyo, however, travel times will be longer due to congestion during the Olympic Games.

Further spectator information will be provided in 2020 to assist with Games time transport.

What is the advantage of purchasing a package through NZOT?

The New Zealand Olympic Travel team has years of experience in multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games travel.

In addition to being the exclusive Authorised Travel Reseller for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game, we are a “one-stop shop” for New Zealanders wishing to support the New Zealand Team in Tokyo and make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime Olympic experience. In addition to offering event tickets, New Zealand Olympic Travel can assist with hotel selection and bookings, Tokyo transfers, tailored information on how to support the New Zealand Team and other travel requirements.  

On the ground in Tokyo, we will have an experienced team on hand to assist you. Our priority is ensuring New Zealand Team supporters are right there to support the New Zealand Team when it matters most.

Please note, New Zealand Olympic Travel is the exclusive Authorised Ticket Reseller for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for New Zealand residents.

Terms and Conditions

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